Woodhouse Reptiles

no barking, no fur, no stress....


Woodhouse Reptiles is dedicated to pet care excellence and breeding wonderful exotics.   At the present, we are keeping Brazilian Rainbow Boas, Corn snakes, Ball pythons, Stimson Pythons, Leachianus Geckos, Chahoua Geckos, and Leopard Geckos. 

We currently have baby corn snakes and leopard geckos available (Fall 2010), and for next season (2011), hopefully Rainbow boas, and striped corn snakes. 

What's New?

Sept. 10:  Beautiful leopard geckos available, plus normal and anery corn snakes!

March 10: Newly hatched Chahoua gecko!  2 Holdback corns for sale!  Leachie for sale! (SOLD), 2 Leopard gecko eggs cooking too.

Aug. 09: New Baby corn snakes for sale! 

June 09: Price drop on Okeetee!  only $80!

30 Apr. 09: Recent additions: New BRB, and New het pied Ball python!

27 Nov. 08: New snake for sale!  Proven Okeetee.

22 Sept. 08: Blog: Mississauga Reptile Expo!

19 Sept. 08: Hognose Colours blog entry, Added Guestbook.

18 Sept. 08:   Added new pictures of the BRBs, updated blog.