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It's been busy!

Posted by Colleen on March 12, 2010 at 10:56 AM

It's been pretty busy around here!  We've had our first gecko egg hatch and two more laid and I've decided to scour the world for a mate for my Dino leachie and this means I have to sell Stella to pay for a male.  Too bad, as I'd like to keep both of them, but of course, space is limiting.  Missed my chance to get one in February as Mark was making a trip to pick up some geckos and I wasn't ready!  The little baby chahoua is amazing and I might end up keeping her as she will be the tamest gecko in history!

Also in recent events, my first reptile expo as a vendor went Very well! 

I sold a number of baby corns as well as my pair of hognoses.  They were very nice, but it is better to consolidate my species list a bit more.  Although I have been very distracted lately by the idea of the pygmy pythons (Antaresia perthensis), or the small Stimson's pythons (Antaresia stimsoni).  They are pretty and only 2-3 feet long!  This means, smaller cages and smaller prey!  I like!  Only trouble is the rarity and price... I believe that only Henry Piorun of BC is breeding them now in Canada.  The children's pythons which are related are almost as small and much cheaper, but not as pretty.

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