Woodhouse Reptiles

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2009 - Young Male Anery Corn Snake - $70.


2010 - Baby Leopard Geckos  - $60 each 


2010 - Baby Corn Snakes  -  $50 each  (normals) 

                                                 $60 each (Anerys)



2-Year old Leachianus Gecko  "Stella" for sale! (SOLD)  (March, 2010)

I am selling this girl "Stella" because I would like to find a male for my other girl. She is large and robust, can be held, but will sometimes display some temper, but once you pick her up, she's a doll. She makes a few small sounds: chirping, whistling but they are usually very quiet.

She is a Super-X mix (Repashy lines) of Henkeli leachianus parents from Northern Gecko, so she is larger than usual and very healthy. Hatched Feb. 2008.
I have raised her on Repashy Leachianus diet and fruit mix and she is 8" snout to vent length and 183g as of last Wed.

Wonderful animal!

Looking for cash or trade for male Leachianus henkeli (any isle), or perhaps a nice pair of chahouas?

For more pictures of her as a juvie and her other various colours (depending on mood, time of day, etc.) See my website:
scroll to the bottom for Stella's pics.


2009 Baby corn snakes available now!(SOLD)

One Normal (great pattern) $50

One Amel Motley with excellent colour and pattern!  $70

 Eating well on 2 f/t pinkie mice per week.

 March 2010 pics:




 Sept. 09 pics.

 Anerythristics and Normal



All 2008 Babies are now Sold

Normal baby corn snakes (red,orange,brown) 100% het. for anery and amel 

Hatched July 8, 2008.  They are eating very well on frozen/thawed pinkies (2 served once per week). 

Parents: Plisskin and Merlin.
These snakes require a secure cage with a minimum of 40 gallons of space as adults, but smaller is better for young snakes to help them feel more secure.  They need an undertank heater on a dimmer, a large water dish, plus 2 hides (one on the cold side, and one on the warm).
They like to climb and make great pets. 
Excellent starter snake





 3-NO-PLME-08  (Sold,  Thanks Leighsah!)





4-NO-PLME-08  (SOLD!  Thanks, Daniele.)



2 anerythristic (black/white/grey) 100% het. amel. (SOLD)

1-AN-PLME-08 (SOLD, thanks Jason)



 2-AN-PLME-08 (Sold, Thanks Kyle)