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Leachianus Geckos

This is the King of geckos, growing to be the largest gecko in the world!  These geckos are fascinating and incredibly cool animals.  They make all sorts of little noises, whistles, clucks, barks, strange buzzing, and they tell you when they're irritated.  As the largest member of the Rhacodactylus family, they are found in New Caledonia and grow to be 8"-14" long.  They are frugivorous (fruit eaters), but will occasionally enjoy a pinky mouse.  These floppy geckos have huge feet and can climb any surface, mine like to hang out on the side of the tank.

I highly recommend this book on all the Rhacodactylus species:

Rhacodactylus: The Complete Guide to their Selection and Care by Philippe De Vosjoli, Allen Repashy, and Frank Fast (Paperback - Oct 2003)
As well, there are great resources available on the RhacsCanada Forums and the Repashy Reptiles Forums 

Dino, SuperX henkeli (Repashy lines) - Feb. 2008


Dino, Sept. 08 


Dino, Jan 09


Dino, Apr. 09




 March 2010



Stella, SuperX henkeli (Repashy lines) - 2008


Stella, Sept. 08 

Stella, Jan. 09 (123g)


 Stella, Mar. 09