Woodhouse Reptiles

no barking, no fur, no stress....


Reptiles Canada

Great forums for all reptile species, this is an excellent place to research all topics.


Rhacs Canada

These forums are very interesting, welcoming and fun!  RhacsCanada is dedicated to the Rhacodactylus family which includes: Crested geckos, Leachianus geckos, Sarasinorum geckos, and Chahoua (or Mossy) geckos.


Ball Pythons

 The place to go for information and answers to any questions related to ball pythons care and morphs.


Here's the place to go to experience the awesomeness of the reptile community in Ontario!   The reptile store Port Credit pets and ReptilesCanada host many reptile expos during the year in Mississauga, Ottawa, and Montreal.  These make great day trips and are totally worth the drive!